Ruhnu bear

A real bear got stranded on a block of ice and floated 40 km (25 miles) to Ruhnu Island from Latvia in 2006. It became a celebrity in the Baltic states. The islanders had been worried that the bear might attack people. But it turned out to be a real boost for Ruhnu - causing a tourist boom - as people keen for a glimpse of it came to visit. The bear from Latvia managed to evade its trackers - even tricking a team of specialist hunting dogs - before leaving the island. It is thought to have made its own way back to Latvia.

In 2007 a 40 kg chocolate bear was created by Latvia's oldest chocolate maker Laima and flown to Ruhnu as a gift. The chocolate bear was on display before it was eaten.

There are no bears on Ruhnu.

Created in 2013